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History of India

Ancient history of India can be divided into a period from 7000 BC to 1000 AD, then Medieval India (1000 AD to 1756 AD) and modern day (1757 to 1947 AD).

Ancient India (BC to 1000 AD)

Age Event
7000-3750 BC Vedic Age
3000-2000 BC Harappa (Indus and Saraswati) Civilization
2200-1900 BC Decline of Indus and Saraswati Civilization
2000-1500 BC Period of Complete chaos and migration
1000 BC Aryans expand into the Ganga valley from the Indus valley
900 BC Mahabharata War
800 BC Aryans expand into Bengal (Epic Age of Mahabharata and Ramayana)
550 BC Composition of the Upanishads
544 BC Buddha's Nirvana
327 BC Alexander's Invasion
324 BC Chandragupta Maurya defeats Seleacus Nicator
322 BC Rise of the Mauryas; Chandragupta establishes first Indian Empire
272 BC Ashoka begins reign
180 BC Fall of the Mauryas; Rise of the Sungas
145 BC Chola king Erata conquers Ceylon
30 BC Rise of the Satvahana Dynasty in the Deccan
40 AD Sakas in power in Indus Valley and Western India
320 AD Chandragupta I establishes the Gupta dynasty
340 AD Samudragupta conquers the North and most of the Deccan
360 AD Samudragupta conquers the North and most of the Deccan
380 AD Chandragupta II comes to power; Golden Age of Gupta Literary Renaissance
405 AD Fa-hein begins his travels through the Gupta Empire
415 AD Accession of Kumara Gupta I
467 AD Skanda Gupta assumes power
476 AD Birth of astronomer Aryabhatta
606 AD Accession of Harshavardhan Gupta
711 AD Invasion of Sind by Muhammad Bin Qasim
892 AD Rise of the Eastern Chalukyas
985 AD The Chola Dynasty: Accession of Rajaraja, the Great
1001 AD Defeat of Jaipal by Sultan Mahumd

Medieval India (1000 AD to 1756 AD)

Age Event
1026 Mahmud Ghazni sacks Somnath Temple
1191 Prithviraj Chauhan routs Muhammad Ghori: the first battle of Tarain
1192 Ghori defeats Prithviraj Chauhan: the second battle of Tarain
1206 Qutbuddin establishes the Slave Dynasty
1221 Mongol invasion under Genghis Khan
1232 Foundation of the Qutub Minar
1288 Marco Polo visits India
1290 Jalaludin Firuz Khalji establishes the Khalji dynasty
1320 Ghiyasuddin Tughluk founds the Tughluk dynasty
1325 Accession of Muhammad-bin-Tughluk
1336 Foundation of Vijayanagar (Deccan)
1398 Timur invades India
1424 Rise of the Bahmani dynasty (Deccan)
1451 The Lodi dynasty established in Delhi
1489 Adil Shah dynasty at Bijapur
1490 Nizam Shahi dynasty at Ahmednagar
1498 First voyage of Vasco da gama
1510 Portuguese capture Goa
1518 Kutub Shahi dynasty at Golconda
1526 Establishment of the Mughul Dynasty; First Battle of Panipat: Babur defeats Lodis
1526-1530 Reign of Babur
1530 Humayun succeeds Babur
1538 Death of Guru Nanak
1539 Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayan and becomes Emperor of Delhi
1555 Humayun recovers the throne of Delhi

Death of Humayun; Hemu re-establishes the Hindu Raj in India in Oct 1556, after winning 22 battles against Afghan rebels and Akbar. After Hemu is killed in a freak accident in Panipat, accession of Akbar.

1564 Akbar abolishes poll tax on Hindus
1565 Battle of Talikota: Muslim rulers in Deccan defeats Vijaynagar Empire
1568 Fall of Chittor
1571 Foundation of Fatehpur Sikri by Akbar
1572 Akbar annexes Gujarat
1573 Surat surrenders to Akbar
1575 Battle of Tukaroi
1576 Battle of Haldighat: Akbar defeats Rana Pratap; Subjugation of Bengal
1577 Akbar troops invade Khandesh
1580 Accession of Ibrahim Adil Shah II in Bengal; Rebellion in Bihar and Bengal
1581 Akbar's march against Muhammad Hakim and reconciliation with him
1582 Divine Faith promulagated
1586 Annexation of Kashmir
1591 Mughul conquest of Sind
1592 Annexation of Orissa
1595 Siege of Ahmednagar; Annexation of Baluchistan
1597 Akbar completes his conquests
1600 Charter to the English East India Company
1602 Formation of the United East India Company of Netherlands
1605 Death of Akbar and Accession of Jahangir
1606 Rebellion of Khusrav; Execution of the Fifth Sikh Guru, Arjan
1607 Sher Afghan first, husband of Nur Jahan, killed
1608 Malik Ambar takes Ahmednagar
1609 The Dutch open a factory at Pulicat
1612 The English establish a factory at Masulipatnam
1615 Mughul Governor of Bengal defeats the Afghans; Mughuls annex Kuch ajo
1616 Submission of Mewar to the Mughuls; Arrival of Sir Thomas Roe in India
1620 The Dutch establish a factory at Surat
1621 Capture of Kangra Fort; Malik Ambar revolts in the Deccan
1622 Shah Abbas of Persia beseiges and takes Qandahar
1623 Shah Jahan revolts against Jahangir
1624 Suppression of Shah Jahan's rebellion
1626 Rebellion of Mahabat Khan
1627 Death of Jahangir; Accession of Shah Jahan
1628 Shah Jahan proclaimed Emperor
1631 Death of Shah Jahan's wife Mumtaz Mahal; The construction of Taj Mahal
1632 Mughul invasion of Bijapur
1633 End of Ahmednagar Dynasty
1636 Aurangzeb appointed Viceroy of Deccan
1639 Foundation of Fort St. George at Madras by the English
1646 Shivaji captures Torna
1656 The Mughuls attack Hyderabad and Golkunda; Annexation of Javli by Shivaji
1657 Invasion of Bijapur by Aurangzeb; Aurangzeb captures Bidar and Kalyani
1658 Coronation of Aurangzeb
1659 Battles of Khajwah and Deorai
1661 Cession of Bombay to the English; Mughul capture of Cooch Bihar
1664 Shivaji sacks Surat and assumes royal title
1666 Death of Shah Jahan; Shivaji's visit to Agra and escape
1674 Shivaji assumes the title of Chhatrapati
1678 Marwar occupied by the Mughuls
1680 Death of Shivaji; Rebellion of Prince Akbar
1686 English war with the Mughuls; Fall of Bijapur
1689 Execution of Sambhaji
1690 Peace between the Mughuls and the English
1691 Aurangzeb at the zenith of his power
1698 The new English company trading to the East Indies
1699 First Maratha raid on Malwa
1700 Death of Rajaram and regency of his widow Tara Bai
1702 Amalgamation of English and the London East India Companies
1707 Death of Aurangzeb; Battle of Jajau
1714 Husain Ali appointed Viceroy of the Deccan, signs treaty with the Marathas
1720 Accession of Baji Rao Peshwa at Poona
1739 Nadir Shah conquers Delhi; The Marathas capture Salsette and Bassein
1740 Accession of Balaji Rao Peshwa; The Marathas invade Arcot
1742 Marathas invade Bengal
1748 First Anglo-French war in India
1750 War of the Deccan and Carnatic Succession; Death of Nasir Jang
1751 Treaty of Alivadi with the Marathas
1756 Siraj-ud-daulah captures Calcutta

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- Indus valley civilization is the second oldest civilization on earth.

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