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BMC rules for residential repairs

As per section 342 of BMC Act, 1988 (amended till date), the following "tenantable repairs", can be carried out without obtaining permission from the BMC:

  • Plastering, painting, pointing of your flat

  • Providing guniting to the structural members or walls

  • Changing floor tiles

  • Repairing WC, bath or washing places

  • Repairing or replacing drainage pipes, taps, manholes and other fittings

  • Repairing or replacing sanitary, water plumbing or electrical fittings

  • Replacing the roof with the same material

  • Replacement of existing water-proofing material of the terrace.

The only pre-condition to the above works are:

  • The original tenantable structure (whether rental or ownership) must be legal.

  • Though no BMC permission for the above is required, it is advisable to do so under strict supervision of a registered Architect and/ or Structural Engineer

The following "tenantable repairs" however shall NOT include:

  • Replacing or removal of any structure members of load bearing walls

  • Change in horizontal or vertical existing dimensions of the structure

  • Lowering of plinth, foundations or floors

  • Addition or extension of mezzanine floor or loft

  • Flattening of roof or repairing roof with different material

  • No merger of tenancies by removal or opening of any walls in between two or more tenancies.

  • Changing location of bathroom/ WC/ kitchen sink, in a way that can cause leakage to residents below.

There is also a lot of confusion regarding the safety grills installed in our balconies. Newer buildings come with the permission to install grills. For the older buildings, grills can be "legalized" by writing to the BMC (Building & Factory department) and attaching the following documents:

  • Society or Landlord NOC

  • Original floor plan of the property (flat)

  • Approximately Rs 2,000 fee (exact amount depends on the area of window covered)

Before starting renovation work on your property, if you are in doubt, it may be safe to take 'dated' pictures of the property and submit a letter to the local BMC office, also attaching a copy of the Architect's proposed plan.

Debris has to be collected and removed immediately by a contractor, who is authorized by the BMC to dump the debris in an approved plot. For debris lying on the footpaths or roadside, you may be liable to be fined.

The above is meant to be used as a guide. For more information, please feel free to contact the local BMC office.

Thanks and Regards,
Die hard Indian
Gaurang Damani


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