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Market survey of India
Source: Super brands magazine of India, 2004

  • India has about 57 million urban and 136 million rural households

  • India’s 60% of all goods and 80% of all passenger movement is on roads.

  • World’s largest marketing workforce is LIC agent base of 1 million agents

  • Privately held gold in India is worth Rs 9.2 trillion (4 times the amount held in Fort Knox and about 1/5th of all gold ever mined in the world (source: World Gold Council)


  • India spends Rs 1,030 billion on healthcare or 5.2% of its GDP.

  • India’s beauty care market is Rs 2.2 billion (source: ORG MARG)

  • India’s sanitary market is Rs 5.5 billion

  • India’s soap market is Rs 41.75 billion (source: AC Neilson 2003)

  • Branded toothpaste penetration is 76.8% in urban areas and 37.1% in rural India (source; NRS 2002)

  • Branded oil has a market of Rs 13 billion (includes coconut hair oil Rs 9.1 billion) and shampoo market is Rs 10.3 billion (source: AC Neilson 2003)

  • Rubs and balms market in India is Rs 4.7 billion (source: AC Neilson 2003)

  • Fabric wash market is 2.5 million metric tones of synthetic detergents at about Rs 55 billion

  • Prickly heat powder market is Rs 1 billion in India and talcum powder is Rs 5 billion

  • Total analgesics market is Rs .25 billion (source: AC Neilson 2003)

  • Total medicated throat drops (lozenge) market in India is Rs 430 million (source: AC Neilson)


  • Market of health beverages is Rs 10.4 billion and about 48,000 tonnes (source: AC Neilson 2003)

  • Indian biscuit market is 1.1 million tones per annum at Rs 50 billion. About 90% of Indians buy and eat biscuits.

  • Indigenously produced and branded edible oil market is 360,000 metric tonnes per annum and is consumed by 29 million households (source: AC Neilson)

  • Ketchup penetration is 13% in urban Indian and 3.7% nationally. Consumption is 650 grams (annual average) and size of the market is Rs 1.2 billion. (source: AC Neilson)

  • India is world’s largest producer and consumer of black tea. Total tea market is 650 million kgs of tea (including branded at 232 million kgs) (source: IRS data 2003-04)

  • 80% of all beverage consumption in India is tea; 10% coffee and 10% others like soft drinks.

  • Pre-packaged iodized salt is worth Rs 10 billion (source: IRS data 2003-04)

Automobile Industry

  • Indian lead acid battery market is estimated at Rs 21 billion (automotive at Rs 13 billion and industrial at Rs 8 billion)

  • India is the second largest two-wheeler market in the world. Two-wheelers account for 79% of all automobile sales in India (source: Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers - SIAM).

  • India’s tyre market is Rs 120 billion (source; SIAM)

  • World market for bicycles is 108 million. Hero Honda of India is worlds largest manufacturer of bicycles.

  • 1 million passenger cars were sold in India in 2003-04 (source: SIAM). Maruti 800 at US$4200 is the cheapest car in the world.

  • Automobile lubricants market is Rs 55 billion

  • Tata Automobile is the youngest passenger car company in the world, putting India in the top 10 countries in the world for car manufacturing


  • India uses 80 million rolls per annum, whereas USA uses 850 million and Japan 400 million and China uses 200 million film rolls per annum.

  • Indian hospitality industry is Rs 60 billion in annual revenues (source: Department of Tourism). India has 85,000 hotel rooms.

  • Indian courier (domestic and international) market is Rs 25 billion (source: ORG MARG)

  • Indian telecom industry has 42.58 million fixed line telephones as of March 2004 (source;TRAI)

  • Indian jewelery market is Rs 500 billion, of which organized sector is Rs 10 billion

  • India’s paint market is Rs 45.7 billion with sales of 567 million liters of paint sold every year

  • Plywood and allied products market is Rs 35 billion in India

  • Writing instruments market in India is Rs 150 billion

  • There are 5,638 dailies in circulation in 101 languagaes and dialects in 2002 (Source: Registrar of Newspapers in India). Times of India is world’s largest read English newspaper with 7.4 million readers (source: IRS 2003)

  • Indian watch market is 30 million watches perr annum (source: Horological Fed of India)

  • India’s Refrigeration and washing machine market is Rs 50 billion (source: ORG)

  • Total market size of 293 scheduled commercial banks (2004) was Rs 14.2 trillion for deposits (source: RBI)

  • World’s first floating ATM is located on a barge on backwaters of Kerala

  • TV channel market is expected to grow from Rs 111 billion in 2003 to Rs 292 billion in 2007. Subscription forms 70% and advertisements 30% of the revenues (source: FICCI)

  • Annual jeans wear is 24 million pairs in India

  • 88 million shirts are sold in India annually and branded apparel market is Rs 40 billion




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